Mental Health & Wellness Courses



The PREPARE/ENRICH Certification Workshop trains facilitators to administer the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment and give feedback to premarital and married couples using six core and over 20 supplemental exercises. Facilitators are taught methods to support couples through the identification of their strengths and growth areas in categories such as Communication, Conflict Resolution, Sexuality,  Personality, Spiritual Beliefs & Financial Management.
Certification Workshop
The training provides step by step guidance on every element of the Prepare Enrich assessment. Participants will learn and practice the the skills needed to use the Prepare Enrich materials. Expect to learn how to…
Administer the online assessment
 Interpret couples’ reports 
Provide useful feedback to couples
Guide couples’ exercises
Teach relationship skills
Work more effectively with couples

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PAUSE Women’s Wellness Retreat

Theme: Pursuing Wellness In Every Area of Your Life

Wellness (wel-nis) 
1.the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort
Visions expands on the widely accepted definition of wellness and incorporates
physical health, mental health, quality healthy relationships, finances, career, spirituality, physical activity and nutrition.
Visions wants to help you to be well in every area of your life!

The Pause Women’s Wellness Retreats creates a safe place to express your authentic self through wellness related talks, movement, expressive art and talking with other women. You will gain a deeper self awareness, learn how to create a lifestyle that supports your wellness goals, relax and have lots of fun with other women on the same journey. I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend than at the retreat.

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Renewing your mind, one day at a time

Every day I hear heart wrenching stories of pain, shame, abuse and disappointments that make life tougher for some than others. I use to wonder how some people experience challenges and disappointments with relentless tenacity to overcome while others it is their downfall? I will not say I have THE answer, I will say, I know from personal and professional experience that everyone can overcome life’s hurts, habits and hang-ups, not all choose to. People do not handle life’s challenges the same. Each time you experience a challenge, it is what you say to yourself about yourself that determines whether the situation overtakes you or you overcome it. One person is laid off their job and sees it as a sure sign of their financial ruin while another sees an opportunity to pursue their dream of starting a business that they never had the time to do while working.  The first person sees themselves as a failure and the other sees themselves as an emerging entrepreneur. Changing old destructive thinking patterns is not an easy task and in some cases requires the support of a counselor. I teach my patients step by step how to replace negative self-talk with truthful and hopeful self-talk.

Positive thinking produces positive lives. Negative thinking produces negative lives. Positive thoughts are full of life and hope. Negative thoughts are always full of fear and sadness.  Be encouraged; choose to see yourself as the over-comer you are, start today.